5 Top qualities of a good husband

Many ladies write to us daily, asking lots of questions like why their relationship always fails? What makes guys always maltreat them? What exactly are the qualities of a good husband? Must he have a good job to be responsible? Why they still get hurt? Why they can’t get a guy who will commit to them? The questions are endless. But the truth is, most of these women have no idea the things to look out for or the qualities of a good husband. All they do is guesswork.

I’m not saying looking for certain qualities in a man is wrong, but what I’m against, is dating a man who you know doesn’t meet your relationship standard with the hope of having him change. There is no man anywhere who will suddenly transform to the knight in shining armor to become a perfect fit for you. If you choose to enter into any relationship with someone who lacks the traits of a good husband, failure is guaranteed even before the relationship begins.

qualities of a good husband

The problem with most qualities of a good husband is that there are general things women enjoy in a relationship, and there are things particular to every lady. So, you have to look out for the things you need, not necessarily those you want, although these qualities are closely related that we barely can differentiate them.

You might think you need him because he possesses all the qualities you want in a man. He is tall, strapping, charismatic, and wealthy. He is the CEO of a major company. All cool, but what if this same guy in question has his qualities that you can’t accommodate in a relationship? What if he has some personal character traits that wouldn’t meet your fundamental and emotional needs?

As a single lady, dating, or already in a serious relationship, below are 11 qualities of a good husband; you need to look out for in a man. These qualities are strong enough to convince you that he is or not the right fit for you.

Being original at the early stage of your relationship is enough magic to glow the bond. In a situation where you start hiding your true self from him and putting in a different attitude to make him feel right is very dangerous. You can show your true nature and still be valuable, especially when you feel safe doing so. This will make him feel closer to you.

  • He shows up when you need him

When a guy is there by your side when you need his attention, even when it isn’t convenient for him, know that he has the qualities of a good husband. Every relationship requires some level of sacrifices and compromise. Life can be such unpredictable, and unexpected things sometimes happen against your original plans. A guy who possesses the qualities of a good husband will sacrifices his time for you when you need him; He will stand by you and never give up on you no matter the situation.

  • Consider you in his decisions

A guy with the qualities of a good husband will always use the word “we” “us,” among others, during a conversation. He considers the role of his lady when making plans and crucial decisions, either big or small. This is exactly what a relationship that works should look like. It’s all about partnership and not a dictatorship. Featuring you in his plans shows that he respects you and will like to have a future with you. This is why he is trying hard to envelop you in his world.

This is not an easy thing to do, especially in the period when things are difficult. But his perfect husband qualities make him take you into account, want, needs, and preferences. This is how an ideal relationship with a man who will make a good husband should look like.

  • His mind is growth-oriented

No man is perfect; we all strive towards perfection despite our flaws. When you are into any relationship, his behavior affects you. If he has a less developed mind, it will have a negative effect on you. Every man deserves to grow, but only a few understand this. A guy with the qualities of a good husband is growth-oriented, he strengthens his character and works strictly on it. But when he is not matured in heart, he doesn’t see anything wrong in his bad habit. He will tell you, that’s how it has been, and you should deal with it.

For example, you are dating a guy who is insensitive to your emotions. You come home very weak and tired because you had a bad day at work. Instead of emotional support, he starts advising you as if you approached a customer service desk to solve an official problem or an issue with a sold product. While his approach may be useful in solving problems in his office, it can drain your emotions down completely.

With time you will find it difficult discussing things with him because he will never empathize with what you are going through, and you aren’t ready for another customer service advice. In such a situation just tell him how you feel, the next time he tries to pour out words of advice instead of emotional support, please tell him what you will have him do. If you get impatient because his attitude makes you upset, he might feel hurt because he has no idea what he has done wrong.

I’m sure you will prefer a guy who will accept that his tone is sometimes too high and hurt your feelings — someone who doesn’t get offended when asked to work on his attitude. Guys who lack the quality of a good husband doesn’t get it right every time, only those who are growth-oriented tries to reshape their attitude.

  • Common beliefs and values

This is one crucial issue that is being overlooked in most relationships. If he is not on the same page with you, it will be a lifetime battle making him your life partner. The two of you should be able to think constructively towards an issue, or each time something crucial is discussed. If he has the qualities of a good husband, he will respect your suggestions, instead of making your contribution less important. Beliefs and values can come in the form of culture, values, where you intend to raise your kids, lifestyle preferences, and his perception of children.

The qualities of a good husband are best known in the nature of his lifestyle. If you are currently dating a party boy, who is still very much attached to his single lifestyle, just know that he isn’t marriage-minded. If you are seriously into him, you might end up in serious disappointment. And if there is something you don’t like in your spouse, feel free to discuss it with him, if he is husband material, he will work on it, but if he considers it as an insult, then you’ve saved yourself from living forever with the wrong partner.

Are you married or you are currently in a serious relationship, please share with us your man’s qualities that make him a good husband below.

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