What does success look like in achieving your goals?

An average mind believes having so much money is the same as being successful. This may be partially correct because people define success differently. Some describe it as having a good relationship, being successful in their career, and living healthy. If this is outside your concept of success, then what does success look like in achieving one’s goal? No matter your philosophy of success, there is always an in-depth definition in your mind, especially when things go wrong. Only you can truly measure your success because it’s more to achieving goals.

If you keep measuring what success looks like by other people’s achievements, then your roadmap to success will become far from reality. You saw Mr. Mike’s house down the road; it is beautiful with a swimming pool and the latest car. At this point, you may consider Mike as being successful because these are your definition of real success. But in reality, Mr. Mike is hustling to become successful.

What does success look like

If I ask ten persons what does success look like in the pursuit of their goal, I’m sure eight people will base their answer on materialistic things. This is the same reason people become barriers to achieving their goals. If they can’t meet up with their definition of success, they will strive hard to buy things out of budget just to impress their neighbors.

Those who borrow to impress are not always happy with what they do; the majority of them are debtors, and happiness is far from them. If this is true, why do we use people’s material possession or wealth to measure our level of success? As earlier mentioned, success as a concept means different things to different people. It’s achieving your goals, that makes you successful. This is more reason why you should never compare anyone to yourself or their perception of success. Else, you will be living their life rather than yours.

And what if I tell you, in your own little way you have made an enormous success, just that you haven’t taken time to realize it or appreciate yourself. I’m very sure at this stage of your life you have set many goals for yourself that you were able to achieve. It could be learning how to drive a car, becoming a college graduate, marrying your best friend and bearing children, etc. I’m sure you have accomplished some of this. If yes, then celebrate yourself for success so far. This will boost your energy to achieve more, rather than crave to fit in people’s plans.

Who will you classify as being successful?

An example of two friends, Sandrine and Smith, Smith is very popular because he owns a flash car, a beautiful house, and lots of money. But he is an upcoming artist whose plan is to become one of the influential singers in his country. Sandrine, on the other hand, is a fashion designer and a self-boss who is currently at the top of her career but doesn’t own a car nor a luxurious house, but she is delighted because she worked hard and finally got to the peak of her career. Would you classify one as being successful than the other?

Your answer to this question will be based on your perception of success. But if we are to answer this following the parameters of success as mentioned above, it will be proper to go behind the scene or know the pain behind Smith’s wealth before judging Sandrine. Find out their level of happiness? Who has more passion for work? Who among them owes huge debts over their heads?

Can you identify those living a life of fake success?

More than fifty percent of people we classify as being successful live their lives in the outward appearance to impress, and within them, they are boiling at range. Is this what it takes to become successful?

Another example is two couples living together, John and Lisa, whose activities appear to be a little bit different from society. John, who is a father of three, stays at home to take care of his children while his wife Sandra leaves home as early as 6 am with her helmet and lunch box. She works in a construction company. From this example, who will you classify as being successful?

In a bid to answer his question, let’s take a profound insight. John grew up as a child, and his parents were never there for him because they were workaholic. So, at a very tender age, John set a goal for himself to be the best parent ever and provide his children with so much care when he becomes a father. His dreams were to work from home and take care of his children.

His wife, Sandra, grew up in a family where it was always corporate work, so she set a goal for herself to leave a landmark by getting involved in a high-rise construction work. And that is what she is currently doing.

From this insight, would you rather say one is more successful than the other? A close observation shows that they are both happy living the life of their dreams. But if on the other hand, you judge them sentimentally based on societal or personal philosophy, you may be tempted to say John is not a man or that he sits at home and allow his wife to work money for the entire family.


What does success look like in achieving goals?

The second example above view success from what we desire in life. It doesn’t have to be money, power, or material things.

Some persons see success as the progressive accomplishment of a plan or a worthy goal. If you desire to have something or something you genuinely want to do but above your current ability, be sensitive and keep all hope alive, this will fuel your motivation to accomplish that goal. Always remember, success is above material things, Its about you.

Achieving success is above society’s success strategy, but how you choose to leave your life in the pursuit of your dreams. You must learn the habit of motivating yourself to the roadmap of success and personal happiness.

Before you can achieve the level of success you desire, there are some crucial factors to success you need to understand to take the right step and make the right decision. It is more like a burning desire to achieve your goals. The entire stages of success begin with knowing your desires of things that matter most to your life. This core question is, what does success look like? If you can’t answer this question or know what you desire, it will become challenging to achieve success. Follow the steps below to discover the rules to help you achieve success.

  • Build your strength and belief system

It is difficult or nearly impossible to achieve the things you desire if you don’t believe in your strength. When you set goals, no matter how little or big they are, there is this conviction within you, your belief system comes alive to make your desire achievable. It’s at this stage you will achieve success.

  • Set a realistic goal

How do you complain of failure without setting goals? What were you expecting to win? From the moment you desire something, don’t just set goals but a realistic one you can easily stick with. This remains the best tool that will help you achieve all your life desires. To start, write down all the goals you wish to fulfill on paper, you can snap it into your smartphone; this makes it easily accessible for you to review at will.

  • Develop your growth strategy

Your goals and desires will remain what it is if you don’t design the steps to success. Even if you know how to hustle very well, you need a successful strategy to remain focus in your pursuit. Success strategies are a well-crafted line of actions that show how a task will be carried out and the exact time. Don’t develop a plan in a hurry, sit down to think the needed steps that will lead to achieving your goals.

growth strategy

  • Know your strength and constrains

You can start by trying out some of the strategies drawn above, to know the limit of your power, improve on it if necessary. Once you have your goals written down, make sure your daily actions are in line with achieving your set goals. Remember, the key to success is to stay consistent. If you do this, you will notice yourself moving closer to achieving your goals each day.

  • Work hard even when no one is noticing

In a bid to break barriers in life to achieve success, you have to commit yourself to excellence, also when no one sees you or under someone’s approval. Don’t be afraid of what close friends, family members, and coworkers would say. Let everything motivate you, including negative talks. Always remember people only celebrate you when you are successful. So, develop a personal sense of pride and self-accomplishment.

  • Be Persistent

Success will answer to you fast if you keep going the extra mile even when others are giving up. At this point, you will consistently achieve positive results over time. Soon having great success will become your lifestyle.

  • Never arrive

The best and easy way to achieve success is to see your desires and strategies of making them as a construction project that requires progress for fast completion.

Refrain from the habit of seeing a single step as a success rather than completing the entire strategy. Condition yourself to learn. Learn about your strengths, your goals, and success strategies to improve on the time frame of achieving great success. If your desires are physical skills, practice daily more than everyone in your profession.

  • Audit your philosophy

There are so many books, seminars, and programs that teach how to undertake a difficult task easily. They will show you the pathway to success than you can ever imagine. It is crucial you understand your philosophy of things and what makes one successful. I mean your “why” for everything like money, life, work, achievements, etc.

Until you clearly understand what you truly want, there is absolutely nothing you should be fighting for. Your “why” is enough to guide your daily choice. Especially is you are still trying to answer the question of “what does success look like?” It will energize your brain to think and help you fight your inability to make simple choices that could lead to your success.

  • Focus on insufficient things

The best success strategy recognizes little things as necessary because it will produce significant results. Take some time off work when you are tired and try out 20 minutes of cardio daily. While many do not see this as necessary, it will train your mind to cultivate good habits, which are a positive vibe to achieving success.

  • Stop searching for the instant button

Any man or woman who has attain real success will tell you there is no shortcut to it. This is the simple reason while people keep failing in their pursuit of success. They either give little effort and expect huge success or expect an instant result at the early stage of their success plan. If you sign up for a gym for one month just to build your muscles, you will be disappointed when there are no six-packs at the end of the month. But remember insignificant actions takes time to develop. If you stop at this stage because you are not getting your dream body, you have successfully denied yourself that privilege.

The same applies to achieve success. Your little efforts accumulate with time, turning every little shut into big shuts. It may cost you to use an extra success strategy or people’s success stories. Whichever approach you employ, be patient, and the drastic difference will be realized.

If you can maintain the steps mentioned above, you will find it easier to achieve whatever you desire in life. And always remember you need to find out your desires, map out a strategy to keep the burning desire, and you will achieve great success instead of pursuing wealth and losing out completely.

If you have set goals in the past and was able to achieve success. Please share your experience with us in our comment session below.

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