6 steps to make him want you back

At some point in our life, we all wanted an ex back. If you are still wondering if this is possible, here is all the detail information you will need to make him want you back. When a relationship ends, the two parties involved learn their lesson the hard way, regardless of who took the decision. The moment you break up with a guy, your friends and family member will come around to cheer you up and ask you to move on.

make him want you back

At some point, you can’t get him off your mind and ready to do everything to make him want you back. I have currently realized it was a mistake letting him go, and you want a second chance, below are certain things you have to figure out to make him love you again. But you have to be sure this if this is right for you, even if he seems to cross your mind from time to time.

To make him want you back, become a better version of yourself by keeping good shape, beautiful skin, and face, then post regularly on different social media on your new look. Doing this will make him jealous. So far, this is the oldest and most effective trick that has produced excellent results.

Whichever way you intend to get this done, make sure you don’t fall victim to yourself by getting jealous of him. No matter how difficult it seems, never act jealous around him. There are times when their line of action is to make you happy and feel the pain of leaving him, but don’t fall for his trick. Always at natural, be calm, and this will make him confuse the more. Even when he tries to flirt around other women, you have both come a long way, and these ladies can’t rewrite or compete the great time you both had together.

  • Act like you don’t care

On a perfect day, check his social media online status to be sure he is online, then change your relationship status from being in a relationship to single. Delete special photos and posts where your ex was tagged, and then upload good looking nights out pictures. It shows you are having an excellent time without him.

This move is a sensitive one, so be careful and avoid uploading lots of pictures where you are around another guy. Soon your ex will become jealous, and this is a unique way on how to make him want you back. When they see post updates from you, it shows you don’t need them, you are not lonely at home or crying cat and dog over the past. It’s a clear signal you are simply enjoying your life, your new level of strength, and how level-headed you’ve become. This would make him have a rethink if he made the wrong decision.

  • Get in shape

Being in a long-term relationship is closely related to being married, especially when cohabitation is involved. For ladies who feel so relaxed during this period losses their shape. The comfort with the special person you truly love is such a fantastic experience, in addition to the delicacies from night outs, going out on a dinner together, watching movies at the cinemas, etc. will make you add extra pounds to your weight.

Now he isn’t there, try to hit the gym, get involved in tons of exercise, and eat healthy foods that will keep you in shape. Try to relax your mind and see the breakup as less important, get yourself busy, and soon you will fall in shape. So, the next time you walk past your ex, get ready for the big show and make them miss you all the more. It’s a charming way to make him love you again and want you back in his life.

  • Take his stuff back

When a guy is in love with you, he buys you all your favorite gifts to make you happy. When things go wrong, and he breaks up the relationship, be sure to clear out these items he brought to your house and send them back to him. Remember to add one or two love pictures, where you both had an excellent time together. You can make issues worse for him by squirting your favorite perfume into some of the clothes or on the box itself.

This is a tricky way to bring back lots of emotional memories, making him miss you all the more. It’s also a clear indication that you’re preparing for a fresh relationship, and you don’t want anything to remind you of your past with an ex. Soon they start feeling lost out for quitting the relationship, and this along is a strong signal to make him want you back.

  • Change your daily routine

If you keep going around your regular daily routine, it sends signals to your ex, that nothing has changed about you and that all the pictures on social media are a frame-up. But when you take up a new career, get more involved in things you’ve always talked about doing, pick up a new activity that your ex, never could imagine you doing.

The next time he chooses to have a little conversation with you, try to talk little on your new routine casually. This is to inform them of how busy you’ve become, and how quick you were to move on with your life. At this point, they start seeing a new you; they never knew. This will rekindle their interest and love for you and will make him want you back.

  • Be sensitive

If you are eager to have him back, there is the natural urge to help them fix things up. During this period, don’t allow them to take advantage of you. Avoid going to his house to run house chores for him, because it will make you look less attractive to him. Your services will only be needed when he needs to tidy his house, and he kicks you out the next day. It’s not something you should get involved in.

If you’ve been trying to make him want you back, congratulations, the six steps above will help you figure things out. And don’t forget to be sensitive, become more attractive, keep fit, stay healthy, and calm. At every point, let your ex know they are missing something. And they will come begging you to come back.

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