7 things to look out for in a desperate woman

Being desperate to your partner is toxic to the longevity of your relationship. Worst still, most people are not aware of the fact that they are desperate. Nothing makes a lady lose her value at the early stage of a relationship than desperation. Being desperate is one aspect of it, then showing it to your partner is different. Everyone has a weak point in sustaining a relationship. You may not notice the signs of a desperate woman in her at the early stage.

How desperate are you? This is one question that ladies find challenging to answer, they have this feeling of behaving as every normal woman does, unknowingly to them they are exhibiting that label of being desperate. I understand a new relationship demand some high level of intimacy; it’s not enough reason to cut down communications with your best friends, to spend every moment with your new guy. To the extent of becoming too clingy to him. Soon he will start seeing the signs of desperation in you, and lose interest in the relationship.

signs of a desperate woman

What if I tell you women with less desperation in their relationship are more likely to get what they want? Yes. The first thing you should work on in a new relationship is building your self-esteem. The love bond is strong enough to make you see your new partner as your better half, even while you are yet to understand yourself. One thing desperate women don’t realise is that, if a relationship is meant to be, it will surely happen. Being yourself improves the changes because your partner sees you as real. Do you want to know if you are desperate? Look out for the signs below;

One thing most ladies don’t understand is that singleness is not a sin. You can be single and be successful, happy, and live a fulfilled life. This is the kind of mindset that will get you your desired partner. Funny enough, most women desperate for marriage morns their singleness.

A desperate single woman is ready to date the next available guy. You can’t stand being single. When you go outing then see some guys hanging around, you find every means to introduce yourself. As if to ask who will date me, you go ahead to lay complains of how lonely you feel being single. If you are allowed another thirty minutes, you will pour out all your imagination, that you wish to have a man in your life and all the nice things you will do for your spouse. I will like to bath with him and wash his underwear, iron his clothes and so on.

You will say all manner of things to make him patronise you by asking you out. The truth is, guys aren’t foolish, you can’t impress a guy in minutes with all these sweet words. To be more realistic with you, that was a reasonable effort from you, but it will make sense to a guy looking for house help and not a girlfriend.

  • Not mindful of the things you do with him

Desperate women always act funny in a relationship. I can remember my experience with a desperate ex. She called me one day to know what I was doing, and I told her I’m at the laundromat, waiting for my clothes to finish the spin cycle. To my greatest surprise, the next question I heard was “can I stopover? In a desperate tone. Why on earth should anyone want to spend free time in a laundromat?

Now get the signs of a desperate woman straight. She is less concerned about what you are or not doing. She sees everything as being exciting regardless of what it is and when it has been done. If this is you, then no doubt you are desperate with him, and you are starting a negative show in your relationship. Get a life of your own and be more productive with your time.

  • You are too quick with a physical touch

A guy who is crushing on you takes you out for dinner all you could do is to always have your hand on him. Funny enough, the two of you are yet to be in a relationship. Your desperate gesture and quick touch when another woman walks in the coffee shop. You can seat with him without having a physical touch, to show the whole world he is yours. While this is cool to you, it’s showing others how desperate a woman you are.

I’m not saying having physical contact with your man is bad, but when you are not in a relationship with him, but always placing your hands on him, know you are a desperate woman. With time he will feel uneasy having you around.

  • Always looking for unnecessary compliments

The signs of a desperate woman piss guys off. You will hear statements like “Ugh! I think my hips look wide in this jean?” What else would you have him say? Give you a negative reply for you to start feeling bad about how you look? Most guys will say true yea, while others don’t care, they will say what they see in front of them regardless of the way you would feel.

I understand you do enjoy compliments from guys, but then when such compliments aren’t natural, it shows you are a desperate woman.

  • You start talking about future plans of having babes in your new relationship

It’s normal for partners in a relationship to discuss their future plans and the kind of life they will want for their future kids. But this topic shouldn’t be discussed in the first month of your relationship.

The attitude of some ladies are signs of a desperate woman. You met him just a few days back, and you are now feeling head over heels about him. All you could think of at noon is him. You stop over at his place in the evening, and all you could discuss with him is a future together. I will like our kids to be this or that; I will want to have a dozen babies from you. By the time you finish with your discussion, he has already concluded an excellent plan to have you out of his apartment.

  • Chasing after a man’s wealth

A lot of women partake in this, yet see nothing wrong with it. If she is so much interested in your money and ready to date you because of your wealth, then it’s obvious she is a desperate woman.

  • Willing to be a side chic

No lady will take pride in seeing her man in the hands of another woman, no matter your love claims for her. She will do everything to end the relationship. As for a desperate woman, all that concerns her is being in a relationship, even as a side chic. She needs a man who will bring out the woman in her and nothing more.

Have you had any experience with these signs of a desperate woman, or you wish to contribute to this article, let’s hear your opinion in our comment session below.

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