5 Signs she wants you back but won’t admit it

Being in a relationship with someone you genuinely love involves some level of commitment. I mean giving part of yourself to the person. The intimacy, the body language, the heart to heart discussion, and so on. This makes it difficult to break up with him and move on so fast. Sometimes she realizes calling the relationship a quit was one of the biggest mistakes made, and which to return but pride won’t allow her. At a stage, you will notice some signs she wants you back but finding it difficult to admit it.

In reality, when you break up a relationship, it happens that one person still wants and feels the other partner, but it’s painful that all they can get at the stage is an “Ex” tittle. The feelings get stronger, but it becomes difficult to keep him, and this suck. But sometimes, Your ex, want you back but won’t admit it. Yes, you will notice her urge to be back.

signs she wants you back

Although she can’t tell you directly because they fear rejection and the possibility that you no longer have feelings for them, but she can’t avoid showing the signs she wants you back through her actions! This will reflect in her subconscious, and you will know what’s on their mind. See more of the signs that your ex wants you below.

If she has your contact and still communicating with you, it’s a clear sign your ex, wants you back, but won’t admit it. She still maintains the usual communication channels, schedules, and long talk on the phone. She reminds you of the good old memories. The truth is, she is trying so hard to make you remember all the nice moments you have gone through, and I see this as a white waving flag.

No doubts recalling old memories are clear signs she wants you back. If not so, she would have allowed the sleeping dog to lie. But if she tries so hard to avoid them in your discussions, then it’s obvious she is trying to fight back by hurting you with the feelings of the past. They have given up on fighting for the relationship and don’t want anything with you anymore.

It also means they want you to overlook the reason for the breakup. They trip in all the good times you once had together, making you laugh out loud on the silly things that almost got you into trouble, they do just anything to awakening the old feelings of love that once made your relationship enjoyable. The moment you are no longer angry at them, then they have accomplished their mission.

  • Working more on her physical and social appearance

Some ladies are brilliant. They understand the sayings, “The best mission your ex can use to get back after broken up is to become a better version of herself.” They do all they can to improve their physical appearance and social activities as well. Thanks to social media where she can quickly post the best and mind-blowing pictures of herself. To get more of your attention, she will go to the gym, change her job, just anything in line with the advice you gave them when the relationship was still on.

If your ex is fast-changing things you previously complained about them, that’s enough signs she wants you back. All they want is for you to notice some sweetness in them and express a desire to restore the relationship.

Ladies can go to any length to prepare for new terrain, so they do everything you will like to have you come back. They will tell you things have changed, and they are now the better version of their personality. Some will finetune everything they know will make you smile and unite all the bad habits you usually frown at.

  • Asking tricky questions like ‘What if”

If she is serious about having you back, there is nothing she won’t do differently to make you believe there will be a better relationship with her. She will ask a million and one questions in small conversation. ‘What if’ questions that can easily trigger your mind to the future. They are sensitive to their goals and playing with your subconsciousness and installing in your brain about what you stand to gain if you should reconsider them for a relationship.

It is at this stage you will start hearing talks like, ‘what would have happened if they never wronged you, and when they hurt you, things wouldn’t have gotten to this stage. Only God knows what she won’t say to make your mind reflect the past and see some a possibility of your future together.

The whole process of having her back revolves in your mind. From the moment you change your perspective on the issues surrounding the breakup, your angry mindset will change. It is at this point you start feeling; what she did initially shouldn’t have resulted in a breakup. To some extent, you start blaming yourself, your friends, just anyone who motivated you to quit the relationship. When things get to this stage, it’s obvious you are getting closer to your ex.

  • Admitting the guilt

It’s difficult for some ladies to admit they are wrong. No matter what went wrong, they prefer to leave this world with it rather than have you blame them for being wrong. And now that you’ve called that the relationship has ended, they have no problem taking all the blames.

Without arguing, they agree their irrational behaviors was responsible for the breakup, and how they acted childishly. She is ok when on the blames of everything that happened in the past is placed on her. By doing this, she is telling you she understands her flaws and now ready to change.

  • Continually having something new to discuss with you

There are sure things to discuss with your girlfriend. But when an ex, keep bring up such discussions to keep the conversation fresh and lengthy, know they want to keep hearing from you.

When she is willing to provide you with every update in her life for you to see her as a better person than what she used to be, know, she is one game ahead of the show. She has everything all mapped out to attract you with everything you want at that moment.

There is a good possibility that she is still very much into you, so when the relationship ended, the personal space maintained brought back old memories. At this point, she realizes all her mistakes and what she missed losing you. You will notice all the signs she wants you back but won’t admit it.

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