7 Signs she is using you emotionally

Trying to find love from the right person isn’t an easy one. But maintaining love is even more difficult. I’m not saying falling in love isn’t worth it. Loving the right person is a fantastic experience. But you want to make sure that you’re not falling in love with the wrong person, who does not cherish you or replicate the feelings. You need to read for more details to know the signs she is using you emotionally.

I’m not saying this to stair up fear in your mind or relationship; not all ladies will sting you along. But there are many of them out there who will. This isn’t because they are evil, but the majority of them are afraid of commitment and scared of being hurt.

she is using you emotionally

Most ladies are brilliant. When they see their man having extra affairs outside their relationship, they feel disrespected. So, the best way they can deal with this is to keep their options open even when they genuinely have feelings for you. Why is she doing this? The signs she is using you emotionally is shown to save herself from getting hurt. I’m not here to crown her right or wrong, but these are what ladies who use guys emotionally do. While keeping this option open, it’s still a selfish thing to use your partner emotionally. It can raise a huge concern and trust issues, one that will take a long time to overcome.

Being used emotionally by someone you are headed over heels for is not funny at all. You are busy falling for a lady, and she seems not to show any signal of affection in return. This made you confused because you don’t even understand if to continue or just quit. It is not easy to notice the signs she is using you emotionally, but if you genuinely want to know if she is a user, then read all the warning signs below.

When you are in a serious relationship, it’s impossible to avoid commitment from long-term plans. It could be months or years from now; she is not ready to hear about commitment. Let’s say you are having a couple’s dinner to attend, and you decided to inform her a month to the date. Instead of her to agree with you, she will come up with so much excuse that the day is filled with activities. This is among the signs she is using you emotionally because she is not ready to have you in her future.

  • She is a materialistic woman

She enjoys all the beautiful things you buy for her, including going out for lunch, seeing a movie, going for a weekend holiday in beautiful places. She enjoys being treated exceptionally well. But avoid anything that has to interfere with her emotion. These are signs she is using you emotionally. You see her as a girlfriend while she sees you as a credit card. Slow down; you are dating a gold digger.

  • She avoids serious conversations

If you are in a relationship where she doesn’t get into an intense discussion, it will be challenging to be connected to her emotionally. They only subject of discussion is daily activities at work and friends. When the serious discussion comes up, she is quick to change the topic to something else. These are clear signs she’s not the one for you, because she is using you emotionally. A vital conversation like her childhood, how she feels about you, and other personal things going on in her life is kept secret.

  • She finds it difficult to reply to you

When you are in a relationship with a lady who truly loves you, she is eager to always hear from you. She responds to your text and calls you back when she miss it as soon as she finds out. But when she is using you emotionally, she sees your calls and ignores, she is slow to reply to your messages, and even switch off her phone most times to make you worry about her. She will do just anything to toil with your emotions. Today the world has made it very easy to reach out to loved ones. But if she isn’t into you, it takes hours to have her reply with all sorts of silly excuses.

  • She quickly forgets every little detail about you

The small things matter most in a relationship. Your birthday and other special occasions you celebrate together. These little details that are known about your partner make the difference. But when she is using you emotionally, she doesn’t care to keep these memories. Not even your birth date or essential meetings to celebrate your promotion at work.

  • You don’t feel safe around her

I’m not saying she is the dangerous type who is likely to attack you anytime soon. In fact, she looks completely harmless, but there is emotional insecurity. She takes you as an option; you don’t understand the relationship anymore, she is not into you; she doesn’t want to discuss issues bordering you; she is a controlling woman. All sorts of attitude that makes you feel when there is a better option, she will quit the relationship. If you are experiencing this, I’m sure you know what it feels like. It’s a sign she is using you emotionally.

  • She is still very much attached to her ex

When she is using you emotionally, she will keep mentioning past activities with her ex. She wants you to treat her like her ex, dress like her ex, and take her to places her ex, usually takes her to. I understand the vital role exes occupied in our past. All these retain in our memories, and when a relating issue is being discussed, it’s reasonable to make references. But when she goes on and on to talk deep and the affection she shared with her ex, it’s obvious she is still into him. Please note you are only wasting your time with her.

I’m sure you now know the signs to look out for when she is using you emotionally. If you notice these signs in your girlfriend, then I think its time to figure things out or take the next step backward.

Let’s hear your opinion on this topic below if you have experienced these signs, contributions, and questions also welcomed in our comment session below.

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