8 Obvious signs she is hiding her feelings for you

There is this girl you genuinely like, but at some point, you get confused. You are not the only one in this situation. She is hiding her feelings for you. Don’t worry; you will soon discover the truth. Love is one fantastic thing that happens to us as humans, but it isn’t straight forward as we think. Anything that involves two parties can’t be a straight line. Your partner has their character traits you have to deal with. More reasons you should understand the signs she is hiding her feelings to play safe.

She likes you, but she chooses to hide her feelings because she is shy about the fear of one-sided love, and the ability to figure out if you are the right partner for her. These are the kind of thoughts in her mind right now.

signs she is hiding her feelings for you

Ladies are scared to make love mistakes. So, they take time to analyses to know if he will make the right partner before they commit.

I don’t think it’s proper to stick around for someone to figure out if you are the right person for them or not. Be proactive; nothing stops you from asking her if she has feelings for you or not. This will make things simpler for you to make a move if you truly like you.

If you suspect a girl you have feelings for, is hiding her love for you because she is scared. There are several signs that will help you determine this. If you expect her to tell you this, then you might lose out entirely from her love. This is more reason for you to learn the signs when a girl is hiding her feeling and secretly wants you.

When you are with her, there is this special joy she feels within, and anything you say gladdens her heart. No one sees anything funny about your jokes, because they are not great. But she laughs at it and sees your words as entirely amazing. Everything you say stairs her up like a funny joke. We see people as being funny only when we are attracted to them. If nearly every word you say makes her simile or laughing, then she loves you but hiding her feeling form you.

  • She apologies for every little wrong

If you have lots of female friends, you will notice they barely apologies for some small things. To them, they feel like friendship is all about understanding, and you should understand some of their behaviors. But when she like you but scared of her feelings for you, no one apologizes as much as she does to you. She is extra careful not to screw things up. She isn’t feeling secure around you yet, so it’s natural for her to always apologize. At times her apology may not come directly through words, but her body language and how she’s acting nervous around you have more to say.

  • Body language

Body language is a non-verbal means of communication. Sometimes we act according to our thought. Her great smile, she always enjoys sitting close to you, allows you to play with her hair, and tells you each time you make her laugh. These are body languages she can’t hide even when she tries to hide her emotions.

  • She tells her friends about you

When ladies go out for drinks or dinner, they discuss guys a lot. When she likes you, she will refer to your words more often, as she talks with her friends. This way, her friends already know the kind of person you are. She has done all the introduction of how great a guy you are. You may not have come in contact with them physically, but they know almost everything about your personality. This is another sign she likes you but Afraid to show her feelings directly to you.

  • She is always there to comfort you

No doubt, true friendship is beyond limits, but when she has a feeling for you, she will spend extra time with you, especially on special events of your life. It can be your birthday, a basketball championship, helping you out with a difficult task, etc. If she is into you, but she is hiding her feelings for you, she will be ready to walk you through tough times in any aspect of your life.

  • Eye contact

Everything is in the eyes. Watch it when she discusses with you, she looks straight into your eyes softly and blush the moment you try to look back at her. She listens to you paying close attention. Eye contact is a medium of expressing attraction and affection. So, if you notice her secretly glancing at you, it’s enough signs she is hiding her feelings for you.

  • She’s jealous of your female friends

Everyone has this jealousy in them, knowing they stand a chance to lose what they treasure most. You will notice her change of mode when a pretty lady flits around you in her presence. I’m not sure any lady can hide this kind of facial expression. She might tell you she is ok when asked, but she is boiling at the range. You can easily spot out the glimpse of jealousy from her look. If she does this anytime your female friends come around, it’s a sign she is hiding her feelings for you. People only feel jealous of those they have feelings for and not the other way around.

  • She enjoys an outing with you

When a lady is into you, she enjoys going out with you. She wants everyone to know she is the lady in your life. When you ask her to accompany you to important events, like a couple’s night or special occasions for lovers, she accepts without hesitation. She is super excited to always be by you on such occasions because she is into you.

Now that you know the signs she is hiding her feeling for you because she is scared, I think it’s wise to make a move. Trying to slow down a bit may give her the impression you only want to use her. There is no harm in telling her your feelings too.

If you have experienced these signs in your female friend, please share your experience with us. Contributions and questions can also be written in our comment session below.

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