9 Common signs of a lazy woman

Laziness is the inability to carry out some crucial activities that ought to be done. The opinion to decline such activities is because of the effort and time involved. Laziness is one bad habit that can easily be formed but very difficult to change. A lazy woman can ruin her career, make everything around her a failure, and make her man achieve less than he ought to. If you read from different magazines or blog posts, you will find out there is barely one positive thing to say about laziness. If you want to fail, then get lazy.

signs of a lazy woman

Even in this bad state, people are aware of how devastating the negative impact of laziness could be, yet they choose to go, lady, with little or no effort to curb this habit. The funny aspect of it is that more people turn out lazy daily without knowing it. Some know it, but they pretend, while others aren’t aware of it.

How do you know if someone is lazy?

To begin with, I will say, laziness does not hide. There are sure signs of laziness to look out for that will tell if she is a lazy person or not.

  1. Procrastination

I will do it, but later. There is never a better time to have things done, the more you procrastinate, the more energy and time wasted. The importance of time is completely out of schedule. All she is interested in is to pile up everything for later while spending time on irrelevant things.

  1. A lazy woman is dirty

There is no excuse for being dirty. But a lazy woman would give you tons of excuses why they have their dirty clothes piled up in the basket, why their apartment is dirty, and so on. If she is hardworking, it shows in her environment. She understands how bad it is to condole dirtiness or bad hygiene.

  1. She is always sleeping

I’m sure a lot of ladies fall under this category. They find every reason to sleep and rest their nerves all the time. I’m not saying it’s bad to sleep. It’s required and very good for the body. Lack of it would make you look unstable, stressed out, and prone to sickness. Despite this importance, there ought to be a considerable balance between working hours and resting time. If you spend the significant hours of your day sleeping, then you are a lazy person.

  1. She takes unnecessary breaks during working hours

It’s normal to take a break after long working hours, but watch it when she quickly gets distracted and enjoys taking a continuous break than work. Waste precious time in undertaking a task, and so on. These are all signs of a lazy person. Most times, it’s not as if she lacks the energy to carry out a difficult task; she has lost interest in working. Taking an unnecessary break makes the work look simple to her.

  1. She hates it when a task is given

Have you ever heard people saying, “Of all the staff in this office, why am I the only one being ask to do this or that?” These are the kind of words from someone lazy. They will use all the time and energy they ought to apply for the completion of a given task for complaints. Not because the job is above her, but because she feels I ought to be resting now. This is another sign of a lazy woman.

  1. She never admits of being lazy

This one is prevalent, as most people who experience the signs above will never agree to be lazy. It’s just a little rest, a little sleep, a short break at work, and she likes to think it’s normal. But the truth is, she is gradually holding on to a bad habit, and her lazy attitude can ruin her life and affect her partner. There are lots of things you do and feel it’s normal. Don’t worry; you are not the only one on this moving train, everyone at one time in their life or the others feels the same. But you could be a lazy person without knowing it, so I advise you to keep an eye on yourself.

  1. Watching uninteresting TV shows

With the use of the latest technology and internet enhanced TVs, there is something for anyone or everyone who so desires to have fun. If you get addicted to it and spend almost all day watching these programs, including the stuff you don’t like but keep watching, then you are a lazy woman. We all know watching TV is a sure way of relaxing your nerves after a hard day at work. If you lost a hundred percent interest in it, there is no point to continue watching it. You could spend the same time on other productive things. Like hanging out with few friends or reading something new. Before you know it, you are building an empire.

  1. You wait too long to try something new

Humans are dynamic and find more meanings to their everyday living through discoveries or participation in some long-awaited activities. It could be anything, but outside your regular schedule. A lazy woman will take all the time to think about new things, instead of participating. Yet she claims to have so much interest in it, and will never leap to try them out. If this is you, then there are some sorts of laziness going on.

  1. Unpaid bills always haunt her

Laziness and unpaid bills go hand in hand. You no longer care to check mails for overdue bills, and sometimes you the bills double, because of late payments. If you find it difficult paying your bills on time, everything might seemingly together, and this may lead to pushing yourself into some brink of an anxiety attack.

If you recently notice these signs in your spouse, it’s most likely she is a lazy person. And this is the worst habit anyone could exhibit because it will leave you in ruins.

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