8 Signs she secretly loves you but pretending

Are you confused if she secretly loves you or not? That same girl you called just a friend maybe into you without your knowledge. The heart of a woman is so wired. This makes them so complicated and confusing for you to know all the signs she secretly loves you. One good thing about ladies is that, when she is in love with you, she might not show it directly, but there are emotional signals that require some level of sensitivity on your part to understand.

When she is showing signs, she secretly loves you for too long without you noticing; it drives her to frustration. Some ladies become very angry, while others move on to look for someone who will their love gestures. I’m not sure you can stand a lady you like so much in the arms of another man. While waiting for a direct approach, you might miss the golden opportunity.

Signs she secretly loves you

Not all ladies are bold enough to tell you how they feel, trust me only 5% of ladies can do this. Some ladies are timid, while others enjoy being wooed. So, the next time a lady shows so much interest in you, be quick to look out for the signs below and make a fast move.

When a lady likes you, she will touch you when talking to her no matter how short the discussion maybe. Some ladies see this as a means to get your attention, so she touches you on sensitive areas, like taping your shoulders. Shake hands with you when you are on point, give you friendly punches, more often. It’s natural to get touchy when you like something or someone. At some point, you will want to cuddle, hold or touch that person or things to express your special interest. If she touches you during conversations, these are signs she secretly loves you.

  • She keeps eye contact

A girl who is into you will show some signs through prolonged eye contact. The eyes are direct access to our heart. She loves you secretly and wants you to get more details on this through her eyes. Prolonged eye contact is age-long and very useful to tell someone how well you are interested in them. It’s a common sign she is secretly in love with you.

  • She gives you great smiles

Smiles soften the heart. If a girl is in love with you, she will smile at will. There is this sudden happiness in her. It’s a visible sign she likes everything about you. Your looks, smiles, eyes, the way you talk, and body expression. Just anything about you, and she wants you to notice how well she enjoys your company. For this reason, she smiles all through the conversation. These are signs she secretly loves you.

  • She always enjoys staying close to you

When a girl loves you, she stays arms-length, or at ear-short. She reschedules her time to be with you. She wants to know your next line of actions, hear your opinions, just anything to see if you are interested in her. She is doing all this to get your attention, and these are enough signs for you to know she loves you secretly.

  • She follows you on all social media

In a bid to have you notice her, she will follow you in all social media platform. This brings her even closer to you than the regular outing. She is eager to see your post, leave a comment and like your pictures. She sometimes posts pictures of your last outing and tags you on it. She is trying to let the world know she is into you. We are more concerned today about those who follow us on twitter, Instagram, and like our pictures on Facebook and those who see our post and ignore. She is using all the social media strategy to impress you. These are signs she secretly wants you.

  • She always edits and uploads her pictures on Instagram

Ladies are very active and sensitive to social media features, especially Instagram, because they do more pictures. She knows you always view her pictures each time she uploads the latest photos. This makes it easy for her to get your attention when she is into you. Before now she can take any photo and upload, but things have changed. She gets someone to edit all her pictures, just to be sure there is figure 8 and her super-hot body is showing.

Men are easily carried away by what they see, so she wants to impress you with her cuteness. A lady who does such antics is in love with you but scared to tell you her feelings. If you check her profile, more than 50% of her pictures are those you took with her. The write-ups in her Facebook profile and wall also has so much to reveal about her feelings towards you. Be smart enough and take hints from her social media status.

  • She always agrees with your opinion

If you are in the same group with her on social media or at the workplace, she will always agree with your suggestions, even if she is the only one standing by you. This is a sign of great support because you mean so much to her. It’s a sign she secretly loves you.

  • She gets jealous of seeing you another lady

To some extent, ladies don’t find it funny when discussing with a guy and another lady comes around to distract the conversation. But when she is secretly in love with you, there is this sudden jealousy that will arouse in her face immediately. A girl who truly loves you will never be happy seeing you around other ladies. She will do everything just to get your full attention. This kind of jealousy is a clear sign she is secretly in love with you but won’t admit it.

Are these signs telling you she is secretly in love with you? Let’s hear your opinion and questions in our comment session below.

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