7 Signs to look out for when she is pretending to love you

“I love you” is one of the most used words globally, very easy to say, but only a few mean it. The word love means so many different things, depending on the context and the person using it. It’s often used in a new relationship and even after the relationship is no more. That she constantly reminds you of how much she loves you, doesn’t mean she is into you. How will you know when she is pretending to love you? Her actions don’t match her words; this is just one out of the many signals.

she is pretending to love you

Some ladies are very tricky, they show you all the signals they want a relationship with you, but in a real sense, they have interior motives. If you have ever come across such a lady, you can be in a relationship with her, but your instincts tell you something is wrong somewhere. At this stage, watch out for what she does than the things she says to you. These are some of the ways to clear your doubts. See more ideas below.

When a lady falls in love, she enjoys every bit of your conversation and feels like telling you every aspect of your life. She wants you to know some crucial things about her, including her likes and hates. This way, you will know how to please her. Most guys do miss out from this aspect in their relationship; she isn’t telling you about her day just for the fun of it; she only wants you to be part of her heart. On the contrary, when she refrains from discussing things that involve her, refuse to answer some private questions, it’s a sign she is pretending to love you.

  • Not willing to sacrifices anything for your relationship

Making sacrifices even when it is not convenient, is next to effective communication in a relationship. Without it, I doubt if any relationship can stand the test of time. When you are in love with a man, you must sacrifice certain things for him, the same way he sacrifices for you, else your love is one-sided.

Some women find it difficult to make sacrifices with their time because they are busy pursuing their dream careers. But they sacrifice every other thing to make their partner happy. When you are in a relationship where she refuses to sacrifices anything for you, it’s obvious she is pretending to love you.

  • She doesn’t admire you

Ladies stick to men for different reasons. Some ladies are good at falling for men just because of physical appearance; others lust after a guy who looks charming; they find it difficult to fall in love with such guys. Women only respect the men they genuinely love. As it is today in most marriages, some women have lost total control for their husbands. It’s not because he wronged them, but somewhere along the line, she noticed he was the poor choice she made.

In such situations, her love was quick to fade. If she admires something around you, rather than your personality, then she never loved you.

  • She has no regard for your family

This is the height of it. When you are into a relationship, and something goes wrong, she will be careful enough for your family members not to hear about it. I’m not sure any man can stand a quarrelling moment between his mom and spouse. They always try to maintain peace and happiness. Every mum or family deserves some level of respect from the woman married into the family. A woman who truly loves you will treat your mom with so much respect, if not for any reason, for the fact she is your mom.

There are times she is not in total agreement with your mother’s decisions, but she won’t argue. She will do her best to respect her personality. This is to show she understands the boundaries; she will let specific issues die down because she is in love with you. On the other hand, a lady who has no regard for your family won’t respect you. It is a sign she is not into you, but she is pretending to love you.

  • She puts her friends before you

Keeping friends requires quality and quantity time together; they want you around to help them fix one or two things. Or someone they can easily rely on when things go wrong. When a lady is in love, she loose two-third of her friends, to spend more time with you.

No doubt, the two parties in their relationship need to maintain their individuality at times, but her friends should come second after your relationship. When you notice she talks more about her friends, shows more care, prefers to go out with them, Put them first in everything she does, then I think its time to ask if she really loves you, or she is only pretending to love you.

  • She is not active in the relationship

Did you notice you are the one who starts every conversation, shows affection, cares for her, and does almost everything to make the relationship work? If she is genuinely in love with you, she won’t watch you do all this stuff by yourself. She is your partner and not a co-staff, so if she doesn’t support the relationship in any way, I think she never loved you.

  • She is emotionally disconnected

You can be in love with someone and be playing dice with their emotions at the same time. Being in a relationship involves the connection between two hearts. It is not a lady who pretends to love you but never constant. Today she showers you with so much love, and tomorrow you are not sure of your relationship status. Move on, bro. She is pretending to love you when she doesn’t even like you.

In the early stage of every relationship, a lady is very much attached to her man. You will be surprised how fast things tend to work for you two. This may be the temporary nature of your friendship. Later on, when she is to decide if to stay or quit the relationship. Her words and actions towards you during this period will tell if she is pretending to love you.

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