10 Notable signs she is not worth your time

Life is too precious to waste it with the wrong partner. If you have value for your life and time, then you should spend it with the right girl who is worth spending it with. But how do you know the signs she is not worth your time? This is one popular question we receive frequently, and we have taken time to chew on it in this article. To help you weed out the bad seeds, check out our experts’ break down that shows if she is worth your time or not.

signs she is not worth your time

1. She has a selfish interest

Is your girlfriend always doing things that satisfy her selfish interest? You got promoted at the office, rush home to celebrate it, only for her to change the topic to the latest hairstyle, nails, or T.V show. This can drain you emotionally. If you continually notice this attitude in her, it shows she is not into you.

She is just selfish and a materialistic girlfriend. If you’ve been in this kind of relationship, I think it’s wise to jump off the ship now and save yourself from someone who isn’t worth your time.

2. Your values differ

No doubt opposites attract, but when it comes to relationships, it’s a different thing entirely. It takes two with similar interests to build a stable relationship. While social values are core issues, Religions differences are worse because they can’t be reconciled. If she doesn’t agree on spending or managing money in your relationship, it can lead to serious complications. Please watch out these are signs she is not worth your time.

3. She places everything over your relationship

It’s normal to work overtime when the situation calls for it, run important errands, show some level of care and attention for family. But when your girlfriend chooses to do these things at will just to avoid spending time with you, then I think she has fallen out of love with you. When a lady is in love, she creates time out of her busy schedule just to be with you. Be sensitive when there is some other commitment, regular hangout with friends, some event, just anything to avoid spending time with you. It’s a clear sign she is not worth your time because she doesn’t like you anymore.

4. The relationship is not predictable

Think of a scenario where she is kind today and tomorrow something else. Then the blame is on you. It’s not fun. Some ladies are with the social mentality that you won’t value them until they act tough in the relationship.

For this reason, she will do everything to torment you, and if you stay, she sees you as the right person for her. Please avoid this kind of relationship, because you will always be on the losing side. Accept the truth she is not worth your time, move on.

5. She has changed completely

Some ladies can act so lovely when they notice you like them. But when there is a relationship, you start seeing the opposite side of her. She has completely changed. If your girlfriend previously put up this kind of attitude to get your attention, she can’t sustain it because it’s not her nature. If not months, a few years into the relationship, her real personality will show, she is not worth your time. During this period, don’t expect to see her previous self come back; move on, she is not worth the effort.

6. She doesn’t bring out the best in you

Are you in a relationship where her habits irritate you? You’ve tried talking to her, but she refuses to listen, and this makes you want to scream. A little argument comes up, and the next thing she brings out all your flaws, she does everything to bring down your emotions, she is less concerned about your growth. All manner of negative attitude to make you drained, feel irritable, and make you think you’re not good enough. These are signs she is not worth your time. Your spouse should make you happy most times and not a complaint.

7. She has no atom of trust for you

Being jealous in a relationship is understandable, but it doesn’t strengthen a relationship unless your character is questionable. But if you are giving your best in the relationship, and she still doesn’t trust you, it’s a sign she is not worth your time. She is always snooping through your phone, and other sensitive gadgets, even without your permission. Stop hoping things will get better because it’s going to get worse.

8. She is too materialistic

A materialistic girlfriend always uses the money she doesn’t have to purchase what she doesn’t need to impress those who don’t care. Funny enough, she doesn’t have to demand money from you to be materialistic. If her body language or gestures tell you there are certain conditions to fulfil to win her affection, it’s a sign she is not worth your time. She is not only materialistic but a gold digger.

9. She has negative behaviours

Be watchful if she gives you so much attention, acts nicely, and respects you a lot, but disrespects your friends and every other person around you. Her love is questionable; her real self is what she is currently showing to others. If you think she is what your time, then hold and experience how she will treat you the same way. It’s only a matter of time.

10. She avoids taking responsibility and never apologize

It’s possible to wrong someone and say sorry without admitting to being wrong, but in her case, she will never apologize. From my research and observation, taking responsibility should be mutual in a relationship; this helps to resolve negative conflict without any damage. If she can’t admit to being wrong or willing to shift grounds, then she is not worth your time.

If you notice these features in your girlfriend or something new not included in this post, kindly drop a comment below, and tell us how you feel.

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