Top 10 qualities of a good wife

The best concept to use for marriage is teamwork. Both parties are required to put in their efforts for things to go smoothly. Just as a woman, pray for a good husband, the same way guys pray for a good wife. No doubt, marriage does transform the life of a woman; A one-time pampered carefree girl now evolves into a more mature and responsible lady who is ready to possess all the qualities of a good wife. A modern woman will encounter some challenges accepting all the responsibilities of a good wife.

Hold on a bit, don’t be too quick to conclude that being a good wife is all about creating a stereotypical persona of a married woman because it is not. In this article on the top qualities of a good wife, we took time to explore the different ways most women can make their marriage successful.

qualities of a good wife

Do I possess all the qualities of a good wife?

There are no water-tight solutions for all ladies who desire to be a good wife. However, there are some things you do and those to avoid in your relationship to be a great partner. See some of the character traits that will make you a good wife below:

  • Express your love

Do you feel happy when you are with him? Do you truly love your husband? These questions have become challenging for most ladies to answer without being bias. From that moment, you accepted his proposal to live with him for the rest of your life; you must learn to love and see him as your better half.

Although loving your husband is one of the essential qualities of a good wife, but love is not enough. You have to thrive on expressing it the best way you can and never toiling with his emotions. So, if you can boldly say to your husband, “I love you,” then show him how much you indeed do and what he means to you.

The attributes of a good wife exceed making an elaborate expression of love daily. This can come in the form of body language like a little gesture, a peck on his cheek, surprising him with his favourite meal, taking him out for dinner once in a while, picking up a movie he anticipates watching, and so on.

  • Communication

Communication is another essential quality of a good wife; it fosters love and avoids misconceived notions. You can’t read your husband’s mind, the same way he can’t read yours. But through effective communication, you will learn about each other’s preferences and likes.

As a good wife, it’s your duty to stair up the conversation, make use of kind gestures to have him relate his feelings, and what he will have you do. Don’t give room to absolute silence; it doesn’t make you a good wife. From the moment silence is allowed, it will make things worse. Tell your husband what you want, instead of having him guess. Discuss with him when you notice a change in behaviour rather than having negative thoughts about him.

  • Support him the best way you can

There is this famous saying, “To every successful man, there is a supportive lady behind him.” Being supportive is more than showing special care during stressful situations. Learn the habit of giving him appraisal when he achieves a milestone, or when he tries something new that he was previously afraid of. Just anything he pursues, even if you do not agree with him on it, don’t be an obstacle to it.

Wife’s support is among the great qualities of a good wife; every man will love to get this from his wife. Sometimes it’s not always in the form of appraisal; it can be positive criticism on his laziness or fear to dear new trends. You can also support his new business idea financially when you are economically buoyant. Men are easily motivated and become more attracted to a lady who is ready to commit her finance. This will boost his strength and confidence in the relationship.

  • Be his best friend

If you are married and you still have a best friend outside your wife or husband, then I think something is wrong somewhere. The best marriage that will last the test of time is one where both partners in each other’s best friend. It goes in line with the sayings, “Marry your best friend.” It becomes easy to reflect the qualities of a good wife in such a relationship because love is deep, genuine, and reliable. If you are already married, strive to create this friendly atmosphere and enjoy a new kind of love from him.

  • Respect his personality

Respect covers a lot of marriage issues. Your husband is human and has his flaws. Respect his nature more than what he does for the family. Mutual respect in marriage is necessary. The qualities of a good wife reflect in the way you speak and body language to your partner.

The moment you try to belittle, strike, humiliate, or harm your husband, be it in a public or private setting, you are gradually creating a loophole in your relationship. I can’t stand disrespect in person, and I’m not sure any man will tolerate that from his wife. You can tease your partner a little, not insult. At every point, learn to talk politely and think before using words.

  • Show interest in his interest

Don’t expect your husband to always agree with everything that will be of interest to you. I’m not saying you should do everything he wants, but allow him some space to pursue the things he loves and show some curiosity about it. Ask him questions about his favourite football club, the book he read lately, or his unique hobby. You can do your little homework on other things he is interested in so that you can surprise him in your conversation. These are some top qualities of a good wife.

  • Be appreciative

Ladies deserve to be treated softly because they are highly emotional. While this is true, men are not left out of the show. They need love and appreciation from their wives. Some of the attributes of a good wife are to appreciate your man even for the little things it does for you. Appreciation for some is an application for more. The moment he realises you recognise his little effort, he will strive to do more. A simple thank you work magic.

  • Respect his need for space

Intimacy is strongly required for every marriage that will last. But men don’t find it funny when you try to monopolise their space. You need to understand the fact that he sometimes needs his own space to connect with his mind. Every woman who posse the quality of a good wife will respect and allow his husband some space.

He wants to pursue his hobbies and interests; please don’t try to restrict him; he is married to you doesn’t mean he can no longer hang out with his friends. Suffocating him will lead to a negative impact on the communication level of your relationship because he will try to hide certain things from you, just to get his space.

  • Avoid Nagging

Any lady who understands the qualities of a good wife avoids nagging because she knows the harmful effect nagging and complaining can create. If you find something you are not ok with, please relate it with him instead of nagging.

  • Listen

Listening is a special skill that is crucial for effective communication. But it’s quite unfortunate that most people hear before they listen. This is a communication problem in itself. Train your ears always to listen and understand what your husband has to say, before replying. You can put down your phone when he is communicating relevant information to you. It’s a sign of paying full attention, and this shows you have much respect for him.

Are you a good wife to your husband? What’s your opinion on being a good wife to him? Please leave a reply or contribution in our comment box below.

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