7 obvious signs she doesn’t care about you anymore

Have you noticed her sudden change of attitude, that makes you want to read your old chats, to figure out why the situation is entirely different now? Do you feel she is no longer into you? You try all you can to make her feel happy, but she doesn’t reciprocate your care and love as it uses to be. If your answer to this question is yes, then it’s obvious she doesn’t care about you or your feelings anymore.

The painstaking aspect of every relationship is that people do fall in and out of love. This is why both parties in a relationship have to be conscious of the traffic lights in their relationship. To avoid trying to make things work in your relationship when she is no longer into you. It’s a painful scenario when one partner in a relationship gets detached from the other. However, it is crucial to understand the signs she doesn’t care about you anymore. I advise you to move on with your life instead of unnecessary hurt and grieving.

signs she doesn't care about you

Guys, can we discuss this? Read all the signs below to know if she cares about you or she is only tossing you around like dice. A one-sided relationship isn’t worth your time, commitment and energy. To stay safe in your relationship, check out the visible signs she doesn’t care about you anymore.

Have a rethink on the good old days, when you were everything she wants. She will seize every little opportunity to compliment your looks, your kind gestures to people, how she always places her hands around your 6packs to call you sweet names. Is it lovely right? This is the kind of compliment every man wants from his woman. If all these compliments have become a thing of the past in your relationship, she barely notices your new hairstyle, your new weight, your outfits, and your new look. I think these are enough sighs she doesn’t care about you or no longer attracted to you emotionally.

  • Close communication with her is impossible

Communication is the bedrock of every relationship, especially if she really cares about you. She uses every opportunity to hear from you, know how you are doing, and sometimes she just wants to discuss her day with you. The building power and failure of any relationship are based on the level of communication of partners in a relationship. This is more reason why the communication process is the most crucial factor to determine the good qualities in your spouse.

The more information you share with your partner, the higher you understand each other. But if she doesn’t care about you anymore, she will find it difficult relating essential things to you. If you noticed the level of commination between the two of you is below 20%, then you need to be cautious of that relationship, because she might have fallen out of love with you.

  • She doesn’t make you feel special

Think back to the days she will cook your favourite, plan great surprises, among other efforts just to make you feel special because you mean a whole lot to her. We all know the feelings of a new relationship is great and crazy things are done that can’t be sustained over time. The truth is, these things might reduce, but when it is entirely out of your relationship, understand she doesn’t care about you anymore. At this stage, she is forcing herself to continue the bond; that’s why she has stopped doing things that will make you feel special.  Your happiness does not matter to her any longer.

  • You beg to get her attention, and she doesn’t need yours

A lady in love will do everything possible to be with you, even when it’s not convenient for her. She wants all the attention she can get from you, is ready to listen to you and enjoys every word you say to her. All she wants is just to be that inseparable part of your life. When she doesn’t care about you anymore, you will notice her hostile attitude towards you. Anything that concerns you irritates her. At this stage, you might consider a second thought, but the truth is, you care about her, but she doesn’t care about you.

  • When your relationship lacks physical intimacy

Physical intimacy works magic when communicating with your partner, especially when you offend them. The mental feelings that make her want to hang around with you, is a clear indication she is in love with you. But you have to be conscious when she is creating a physical distance with so many excuses just to avoid physical intimacy. These are some of the signs she doesn’t care about you. Please note it.

  • You have stopped being her priority

No matter how busy, she will create time just to be with you because she sees you as her priority, but if she doesn’t care about you, then you will stop being her priority. It’s at this stage you will notice less intimacy, cancel outings with you, just to spend time with someone else, prefer to work overtime just to avoid you, avoiding unique plans you had with her for silly excuses. It’s obvious she no longer sees you as a priority and has fallen out of love with you.

  • She doesn’t show commitment to things relating to your future

Quality communication and dedication are some of the features to tell she really cares about you. She feels at ease discussing almost everything with you, including your future plans together. She can go as far as discussing how your honeymoon will look like, suggest travelling together, purchase your dream home together, and several other deep communications. But if she doesn’t care about you, she will find it difficult telling you how her day went, not to talk of discussing future dreams with you.

The signs above are some of the signs you will notice in her when she starts loving you less. There is some possibility that you might be a victim of these experiences. If this is you, please share some knowledge with us in our comment session below.

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