7 Easy steps on how to make him miss you

Are you targeting your crunch, or you’re in a loving relationship, or you still love your ex and want him back? The best way to actualize this is to make him miss you. Absence often makes the heart grow fonder. The feelings that come with the knowledge that your partner always wants you are beautiful. Learn how to make him miss you reading the entire content below.

how to make him miss you

Guys are genetically programmed in such a way that they gain pleasure being the sole reason for their girlfriend’s smile. When you tell him how fantastic your day is without him and how well you had fun, He’s going to be jealous and plan to be part of these activities.

When you are the reason for your happiness, smiling when there is no discussion with him, or when he’s not beside you. This will go a long way to trigger him to pay close attention, to increase the need for being the only one making you smile all the time.

  • Always listen to him

Generally, men think of being in charge of the relationship. This is more reason you should pay close attention when he is discussing with you, even when you know otherwise. On the contrary, if you are pessimistic each time he wants to tell you his plans and aspiration, he may start thinking you’re not into him anymore. This can lead to cheating in a relationship because he no longer gets attention from you, so he needs someone who he could rely on.

Rather than allowing a third party into your relationship, you can make him love you more by listening to him. Guys are so much attracted to ladies who pay attention whenever he discusses future ideas. It’s a clear sign you are always by his side through thick and thin. This is an excellent way on how to make a guy miss you.

  • Stay Pretty

Men are sometimes superficial; they act as if they don’t enjoy seeing you look good all the time. While some guys will prefer their girlfriend to look like movie stars, others don’t fancy it. To them, simple makeup with powder and lipstick retouch is enough to do the magic.

When your boyfriend is genuinely in love with you, he sees you as his source of pride, someone he can easily use to show off to his friends and family members as his partner. How on earth do you expect him to accomplish this when you don’t know how to dress beautifully and stay pretty for him.

There is a specific signature fashion style he will like to see you maintain each time you go out with him. As a guy, I will prefer a neat, simple and beautiful dress but not too flashy. It will boost her personality and confidence. This is one easy trick to get a guy miss you; he will not only love you more but be proud to have you follow him to special places. It gladdens his heart being with someone beautiful inside out.

  • Pamper him with little things

Men enjoy giving their girlfriends gifts like chocolates, flowers, jewelry, among other presents. They do this genuinely without asking for anything in return. They enjoyed being pampered too.

Since he isn’t demanding a gift, you can take him through a massage session after a busy day, prepare his favorite dinner, take him out on a date, etc. These things mean so much to guys, as they love being treated like a king. This will make him miss you more when you are not around.

  • Don’t ever nag

It’s the lifestyle of some ladies to nag on their partner. I’m not sure any boyfriend will find this funny. Don’t always expect him to agree with your pressing preferences, in situations where he doesn’t give in, don’t allow anger becloud your sense of judgment to start nagging. This will piss him off; I’m not sure you will like to fight over petty things, simply because he doesn’t give consent to your demands.

The most crucial cardinal rule in all relationships is to avoid nagging. Repeating yourself to get you stuff, come home quick, take you out for a date, and so on sucks. Allow him some space to get you things at will. This will enable him to understand the kind of girlfriend you are to him. Guys do miss ladies who don’t nag during a conversation.

  • Value your individuality

When you are into a relationship, you have to understand there was a sperate life before you met each other. He met you single and fell in love with you because of your uniqueness, kindness, your great smile, dress sense, and sense of reasoning.

The truth is, most ladies are easily carried away by the level of love shown by their boyfriend, they tend to lose their qualities bit by bit all because they want to tone their attitude to their boyfriends or husbands demand. While this works for some ladies, it doesn’t work for others. You have to maintain the look he fell for. I know you two are in a serious relationship, that isn’t enough reason to lose your personality in the process.

Instead, keep the value as an individual and let him feel your vibes. This will make him miss you because you kept your worth.

  • Go on a weekend getaway with friends

Guys always want to know what their girlfriend is up to. When you go on a weekend break with your friends without including him, this will keep him wondering where you are, and the things you are up to. You will notice his multiple chats and calls because he misses you bad. When you are away relaxing, treat yourself with so much love. You will see how happy he is to welcome you once you return. He is more than excited to have you around.

If you tried this trick or there are better ones you’ve tried to make him miss you, please leave your comment below.

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