10 Simple tricks on how to make boyfriend happy

So much emphasis is placed on the lady’s special care in a relationship, that they forget boyfriends also need to be very happy in a relationship. For couples to make up a healthy relationship, so making him happy is one of the vital ingredients for a long-lasting relationship. To some ladies, the heart of their boyfriend is like a mystery to them, and they don’t even know how to make boyfriend happy — making your boyfriend happy, not as difficult as you think. Check out the tricks below to end your struggles.

how to make boyfriend happy

Not only women love to complimented, but guys also enjoy it too. Who would frown when he is told how smart and good looking he is? Most ladies believe that guys barely care about their looks, which is unrealistic and a myth of the past. Don’t only enjoy the compliment from your boyfriend. Sometimes learn to compliment him when he wears a new dress that fits him, tell him how special he is to you, and what you enjoy about him. Just anything that can make your boyfriend happy.

  • Always remind him how much you love him

If you claim to love him and feel it’s awkward to say it to his face, then I think your love for him is questionable. “I love you” is easier to say than showing it. You can also show him love by cooking his favorite delicacies or leaving short notes to express your love for him. This is another way to make your boyfriend feels better and happy.

  • Comfort him

All days are not the same. Don’t expect him to come back from work in a happy mode every day. There are times when things are rough, and work is not going smoothly. Try and show him special care during this period. Comfort him with a kiss, hug, and motivational words that will light up his spirit to overcome the challenge. Always give him a cheerful smile; this will make your boyfriend happy, even when there is a need to go angry.

  • Give him special attention

I don’t think any guy will find it funny when denied care by a spouse. He wants to be your guy and not one of you guys. I’m not sure that’s too much of a commitment. Ignoring him to focus on your phone isn’t always a good idea. Your phone is still there when you need it, but when you offend your partner with a lack of attention, he will walk away. When he gives you signs he needs your attention, please leave your phone and spend some time with him. Soon you will start to enjoy the conversation yourself. These are some of the things to make your boyfriend happy.

  • Be honest to him

Being fair to him, even when there is a reason to lie, strengthens your relationship, and makes him happy. Be open to him and avoid deadly hiding secrets. Honesty is a two-way thing. When he knows you are honest with him, he will also be honest with you. And the satisfaction derived from it will not only make your boyfriend feel happy, but the happiness will get to you as well.

  • Respect his individuality

It takes two to make a relationship work, but there are times when your partner needs some space. It’s not a sign he has fallen out of love with you, understand giving each other space helps him to grow as individuals. He can choose to be more focus on his work, hang around with friends, or just being himself.

  • Trust him

When trust is lost in a relationship, what is left is like a body without a skeleton. None of the partners is going to be happy because they don’t know each other’s next move. If you want him to trust you, give him a reason to and also trust him in return. Allow him some space, show him kindness, tell him how you feel about him, believe in his abilities, and let his phone be. This is a great way to make boyfriend happy.

  • Show him great support

Guys desire and treasure a supportive partner. This is one major criterion guys look for in their girlfriend. They know all days are not rosy, so they need someone to draw strength from when they are down. Making his favorite dish for him, giving him words of encouragement, playing motivational clips, compliment his little effort, and remind him of his dream plans. Every single support you offer him count, and this will make him feel better.

  • Be fun to be with

Every guy looks forward to working closing hours to be with that special girlfriend that can make him happy. This is more reason you have to be a spontaneous and cheerful girlfriend. A glance at him, tell him funny things, remind him of the amazing moments in your last outing, suggest a beautiful place for a holiday vacation. Just anything to make him happy. Just remember the sole aim is to create fun and not something that will make him see you as being materialistic.

  • Surprise him

Ladies think they are the only ones who loved to be surprised. This is only a thought, don’t put this into practice in your relationship; else he might see you as a selfish person. I’m not saying it should be something expensive, get him what you can afford. If he doesn’t appreciate the little gifts, even the big ones won’t move him. What counts is your expression of love for him. You can cook some delicacies and send it to him as lunch, breakfast in bed, bake his birthday cake, take him out for a surprise dinner, or even a special love message. These little things can make boyfriend happy.

Now you have the keys to making your boyfriend happy. Don’t let anything stops you from showing him this special care.

If your girlfriend does all these to you, please drop a comment below let’s know how well you enjoy it.

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