10 ways you are unknowingly disrespecting your wife

Respect is reciprocal in marriage, but a lot of men thinks respect from their wife is the reward they earn when they can cater to their family. Respecting your wife is very important in marriage, if you get it wrong, nothing will be done right. Below are some of the things men do to disrespect their wives.

disrespecting your wife

Women enjoy special love, attention, care, and respect from their partner. She will feel disrespected when you choose to treat her like an object. You do whatever pleases you regardless of her feelings and still expect her to act as if nothing happened. Ladies don’t joke with intimacy and emotional connection in their relationship. When they feel hurt emotionally, they feel so disrespected by their partner.

  • Cheating and dishonesty

Only a few women can stand a cheating man. The imagination of sharing their partner with another lady is a huge betrayal of trust. To make matters worse, a cheating partner is always dishonest, because, in a bid to cover up his bad habit, he will tell multiple lies. At all times, favourable or not, your wife deserves to know the truth on issues. Cheating and lying are clear examples of disrespect in marriage.

  • Flirting around your female friends

Most people often mistake Flirting to be cheating, though it’s closely related they are different. Flirting means a social behavior that involves spoken or written communication; it can also be body language, targeting someone to suggest special interest. When you flirt with other ladies in her presence, then you are disrespecting your wife. A lot of guys or husband does this to their partner unconsciously, because they have no idea of how bad they hurt the feelings of their wife.

  • Using harsh words on her

The heart of a lady is fragile. When there is a little argument, she will like to attack you with things that will pain you. Please note she is only a woman, don’t reply her back with harsh words. These words may affect her feelings. You don’t have to insult her when you talk to her harshly, it is a sign of disrespecting your wife. Always remember your wife deserves so much love and care, avoid treating her like a slave but a queen. She wants you to be her king while she is your queen. I don’t think this is too much for a commitment.

  • Ridiculing her before your family and friends

This is very common among men. Most times you hear women complain “my husband disrespects me before his family member and belittle me before his friends. Now let me shock you. Belittling a queen when you are the king is equal to disrespecting your wife and yourself. I have no idea of a better time you need to show your wife more respect than when your family members and friends are around.

All they need to show her respect or disrespect is your attitude towards your wife. If you can’t set good examples by treating her nicely, your friends and family members will also gain pleasure in treating her poorly.

  • Not giving her special attention

In case you are hearing this for the first time, it’s part of your responsibility as a man to give your wife special attention. Especially when she is experiencing some difficulty. When you are not giving her attention, it’s a sign of disrespecting your wife and also failing in the vows you made to her as a husband. Not all ladies can bear this, so some see it as an opportunity to cheat on their husbands. Because they lack attention. To her, if he is not giving it, then he must be giving it to someone.

  • Not appreciating her

Some men see their wife as a slave, no matter how well she tries to please you, it turns out to be a subject of criticism, this shouldn’t be so. I understand you provide 90% if not all the finance for running the home, this shouldn’t be enough reason to criticize the value she adds to the home. Don’t expect a peaceful marriage if you can’t appreciate your wife, because it’s a great sign of disrespect.

  • Being too controlling

Yes, I’m the man of the house and anything I say is final. My dear, who is dragging it with you? Just because you want to be the sole decision-maker you’ve turn your home in a military camp. Now let me surprise you, men who discuss things with their wife get a better conclusion on disturbing issues. Remember she is there to help. As they say, two heads are far better than one. But if you see things the order way round that your laws and orders must be followed, you have not only killed her say, but you are also disrespecting your wife.

  • Not listening to her

There are times when she sees the impending danger in your decisions or has some valuable opinions to share with you. If you don’t have time to listen to her, it’s obvious she means nothing to you, and this is a great sign of disrespecting your wife unconsciously.

  • Being distracted during a conversation

Sometimes all she wants from you is a listening ear. Not all problems need your contribution to be solved; listening to her will relieve her a thousand and one stress. But when you easily get distracted in your conversation, it’s a sign you don’t care about what she has to say.

There are days she returns from office having a bad day, and she needs someone to relate issues with. Instead of listening to her, you are busy chatting and laughing with your phone. This is not only a slap on her face but also a great sign you are disrespecting your wife.

I’m yet to see a successful marriage without respect, being controlling, not listening to my wife’s opinion, etc. It will get to a stage where you will have to impose rather than earning respect. This is one great mistake men who disrespect their wives make.

Have you experience a marriage or relationship void of respect, please share your experience, opinion, or questions in our comment session below.

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