7 Signs you are dating a materialistic woman

Dating a materialistic woman is one nightmare that scares every man. She wants to buy all the unnecessary things, with the money she doesn’t have, to be on top and impress people that don’t care. If your girlfriend is materialistic, she will pretend to love and care about you, because of the things she stands to gain dating you, the truth is she doesn’t care. As long as you keep providing her desires, she will dance to your tone. Without these things, she will find her way with all sorts of excuse.

dating a materialistic woman

Below are some of the signs you are into a materialistic relationship.

A materialistic woman has a massive taste for luxuries. Before fulfilling her current needs, another is pilling up. And she is very optimistic about making her request known. Some materialist girlfriends are so persuasive, they give you all sorts of excuses and show exceptional care to have you meet their demand.

  • She is self-centred

It’s natural for couples to sometimes shows their individuality while in a relationship. But when this is getting too much, it’s a visible sign you are in love with a materialistic woman. She is so self-centred, all she cares about is how you will meet her needs. She careless of your emotion, the relationship or your future together. She is attached to the things she can get from you.

  • Her love rises and fall

It’s normal for ladies to call you pet names when they want something done by their man. But you have to be careful she doesn’t only show this care when she is in need. One moment she is for you, the moment you meet her needs, her love gets cold, only to return when another expense arises.

  • She is stingy

A lady in the materialistic world believes her position is to collect and have all her needs meant by her man, even those that just entered her mind. You will notice a selfish attitude in her; she expects everything on earth, but not willing to give out a pin.

  • She is a fan of luxury

As earlier mentioned, a materialistic woman uses the money she doesn’t have, to get the things she doesn’t need, to impress those who don’t’ care. She wants to be on top at all time. She enjoys extra comfort, but will never provide a conducive environment for her partner when things are not being done her way.

  • She cares less about your financial status

You are either meeting her needs or no more relationship. She has no business building your economic life with you. Her love for luxury items comes first before her partner’s financial health. If you try managing a materialistic girlfriend for a year, you may end up spending all your savings, if not indebted to your friends. All her activities and moves are to cause you high expenditure.

  • She gets so angry with you if her needs are not meant

A materialistic woman can be so mad at their partner and willing to cause a spoil when you refuse to meet her needs; she wants her to say to be final, no negotiations. All she wants from you is a yes to all her luxury demands.

How to sort things out with a materialistic woman

Not all materialistic girlfriends are gold-diggers. Ladies can become materialistic at any point in a relationship. They want to meet up with their friends’ standards, be the talk of the town, and some are getting these things to impress you on a special outing like couple’s night, among others. While she has a good intention, being materialistic is not friendly with men. Check out the possible ways to make her understand what she is into.

  • Talk it out

Communication is the best way to resolve misconceptions of ideas and severe relationship traits. I doubt if any relationship can last long without effective communication. If you notice the above features of a materialistic woman in her, I think it’s wise to know why your woman is materialistic. Seat her down and discuss with her. You can give her some suggestions on how to improve this behaviour. More surprisingly, she may be doing it unconsciously or under the influence of bad friends.

  • Set limits

A materialistic woman spends even the unavailable resources to meet her needs. Once you have talk things out with her, the next brilliant ideas are to involve her in your monthly budget. Make sure there is paperwork, then handover a copy to her. The budget contains the amount she is allowed to spend on shoes, gadgets, designers bags, among other luxury items. Be strict with her on this, to avoid spending above limits.

  • Break up

This stage is not quick to arrive. But there is no need holding on to a materialistic woman for so long. The damage she can cause to your financial life within a year may require five years to heal. If you’ve tried your best and she is not ready to amend her spending attitude, I advise you part ways with her. The disaster in a materialistic relationship exceeds the financial aspect. It affects your emotional, physical, and mental status.

I don’t see a need to hold on to a relationship where she values material possessions more than you and the relationship. She frustrates all your efforts to put things on track. I think you should forget about her and move on for good.

I doubt if any man can stand a materialistic woman for a long-term relationship. Because she only appears when everything is fine and disappears when things go wrong. She has program herself for the right moments only. If your girlfriend is showing these signs, please let her go, regardless of what you feel for her. I don’t think she is worth it unless you want her to kill you so early.

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