7 Signs she is using you emotionally

she is using you emotionally

Trying to find love from the right person isn’t an easy one. But maintaining love is even more difficult. I’m not saying falling in love isn’t worth it. Loving the right person is a fantastic experience. But you want to make sure that you’re not falling in love with the wrong person, who does not … Read more

8 Obvious signs she is hiding her feelings for you

signs she is hiding her feelings for you

There is this girl you genuinely like, but at some point, you get confused. You are not the only one in this situation. She is hiding her feelings for you. Don’t worry; you will soon discover the truth. Love is one fantastic thing that happens to us as humans, but it isn’t straight forward as … Read more

7 Signs to look out for when she is pretending to love you

she is pretending to love you

“I love you” is one of the most used words globally, very easy to say, but only a few mean it. The word love means so many different things, depending on the context and the person using it. It’s often used in a new relationship and even after the relationship is no more. That she … Read more

10 Simple tricks on how to make boyfriend happy

how to make boyfriend happy

So much emphasis is placed on the lady’s special care in a relationship, that they forget boyfriends also need to be very happy in a relationship. For couples to make up a healthy relationship, so making him happy is one of the vital ingredients for a long-lasting relationship. To some ladies, the heart of their … Read more

10 ways you are unknowingly disrespecting your wife

disrespecting your wife

Respect is reciprocal in marriage, but a lot of men thinks respect from their wife is the reward they earn when they can cater to their family. Respecting your wife is very important in marriage, if you get it wrong, nothing will be done right. Below are some of the things men do to disrespect … Read more

8 Signs she secretly loves you but pretending

Signs she secretly loves you

Are you confused if she secretly loves you or not? That same girl you called just a friend maybe into you without your knowledge. The heart of a woman is so wired. This makes them so complicated and confusing for you to know all the signs she secretly loves you. One good thing about ladies … Read more

7 Signs you are dating a materialistic woman

dating a materialistic woman

Dating a materialistic woman is one nightmare that scares every man. She wants to buy all the unnecessary things, with the money she doesn’t have, to be on top and impress people that don’t care. If your girlfriend is materialistic, she will pretend to love and care about you, because of the things she stands … Read more