5 Things to consider before breaking up with a boring girlfriend

Being bored in a relationship happens when you lack the curiosity to sustained the fun overtime. This becomes a personal trait to the point you are left with breaking up with a boring girlfriend. Now, see this. When we are eager and encourage our spouse to be entertaining, they will never fail to disappoint. Still, when you conclude she is boring, you have successfully triggered negative energy, and she will never fail to be boring.

The brain responds faster to the world we programmed for ourselves. We can develop an enormous capacity to become boring to our partners. From the moment your girlfriend starts seeing herself as a boring person, it creates severe problems for her and those around her will find it difficult to discuss with her.

breaking up with a boring girlfriend

However, there are ways to make a boring girlfriend interesting. You first have to realize people become boring when there is a lack of respect or genuine curiosity. A boring lady will never make a happy girlfriend. Regardless of social status, every relationship deserves that spark; you will never get from a boring girlfriend.

How do you tell if your girlfriend is boring?

Similar to the sayings ‘beauty is only skin deep’. For any relationship to last long, you need to share similar interests, commitment, trust, and intimacy. Initially, guys are easily attracted to beauty, which tends to wear off quickly. Only for you to realize you are drifting different goals. See more reasons below before breaking up with a boring girlfriend.

  1. She only listens as you talk

If you have heard the song “breaking up with your girlfriend, I’m bored lyrics,” you will discover this is a significant sign of a boring lady. Her attitude during conversation is to listen to all you have to say, without adding or correcting anything in your statements. No doubt, this is a cause for concern to boyfriends.

Effective communication is the first requirement of building a stable relationship, as it helps both partners to know each other more. The whole communication process in any relationship requires you and your girlfriend to be actively involved. Still, if she only listens, then it’s an obvious sign she is a boring girlfriend.

  1. She rarely laughs at your funny jokes

Each time you go out with your girlfriend to see movies, go out for shopping, and sometimes for a date. Learn to be observant, you will notice she rarely laughs at funny things, not willing to play with you, and she enjoys being left alone. If he shows you all the signs of being serious and personal, it’s a clear sign your girlfriend is boring.

  1. Nothing seems to surprise her

An active girlfriend will act positively each time you surprise her, but never the same with a boring lady. All her focus is placed on the same routine every day. You can easily predict every line of action without mistakes. No doubt, she is a boring girlfriend.

  1. She prefers to cancel a date to stay indoors

There are days when she doesn’t feel like stepping out for a date; she might have her reasons, please try to find out. But when it’s becoming a habit for her to always stay indoors and giving you all sorts of excuses, know it that your girlfriend is boring. She will frustrate every effort for you to have fun. Active girlfriends instigate the joy in your relationship. They are already asking for the next fun date while the current one is yet to end. If she is your fun spoiler, I think its time you break up with a boring girlfriend.

  1. She is too self-centered

If your girlfriend is the type of lady who only finds conversation about her as interesting, then she is the boring type. Sometimes ask yourself how often she contributes when you discuss important things with her. If all she does is to contribute only when the discussion is about her and keep mute to other issues, it’s as good as talking to yourself. I think it will be wise to let the boring girlfriend go.

I know how well people prefer to keep their reserved personality, but this is not enough to make your man suffer boredom. You can be very lively while pursuing your personality. I’m yet to see a man who enjoys being bored in his relationship, so why not shake off boring act to spice up your relationship.

If your girlfriend is a boring one, and you’ve done everything to help her out from it without positive results, then I genuinely feel you should find a gentle way to break up with her. This will leave her free to find someone who has the same interests as her while you are also free to live a fun-filled life.

Most times, we want to continue with a relationship because we fear to hurt the other person. You fear offending your partner, but what you are into is worst than what you’re afraid of. You are not kind at all, not even to her or yourself. Each time you are together, you are not happy, because of her boredom.

Terminating a relationship isn’t an easy task, not even with a boring girlfriend. You have to accept the fact that your relationship has failed, and never try to blame her because she isn’t responsible for your feelings.

You have the right to feel any way you want. And please avoid telling her she is boring, that’s why you can’t continue the relationship. This can be extremely damaging and hurtful to her self-confidence. There is nothing wrong if you accept the whole responsibility for the failure of the relationship. Because while you are accusing her of being a boring girlfriend, it might be your fault of not investing enough time to know the things that interest her.

Let’s hear your opinion based on what you’ve experienced with a boring girlfriend. Use the comment box below.

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