10 Notable signs she is not worth your time

signs she is not worth your time

Life is too precious to waste it with the wrong partner. If you have value for your life and time, then you should spend it with the right girl who is worth spending it with. But how do you know the signs she is not worth your time? This is one popular question we receive … Read more

9 Common signs of a lazy woman

signs of a lazy woman

Laziness is the inability to carry out some crucial activities that ought to be done. The opinion to decline such activities is because of the effort and time involved. Laziness is one bad habit that can easily be formed but very difficult to change. A lazy woman can ruin her career, make everything around her … Read more

5 Things to consider before breaking up with a boring girlfriend

breaking up with a boring girlfriend

Being bored in a relationship happens when you lack the curiosity to sustained the fun overtime. This becomes a personal trait to the point you are left with breaking up with a boring girlfriend. Now, see this. When we are eager and encourage our spouse to be entertaining, they will never fail to disappoint. Still, … Read more

8 Things to discuss with your girlfriend

Things to discuss with your girlfriend

We fall in love by chance and choose to stay in love. Communication is one crucial way for partners in a relationship to grow closer to each other. You need to figure out the things to discuss with your girlfriend, that is meaningful to your relationship. Sometimes it feels you have addressed everything with your … Read more

5 Top qualities of a good husband

qualities of a good husband

Many ladies write to us daily, asking lots of questions like why their relationship always fails? What makes guys always maltreat them? What exactly are the qualities of a good husband? Must he have a good job to be responsible? Why they still get hurt? Why they can’t get a guy who will commit to … Read more

7 Easy steps on how to make him miss you

how to make him miss you

Are you targeting your crunch, or you’re in a loving relationship, or you still love your ex and want him back? The best way to actualize this is to make him miss you. Absence often makes the heart grow fonder. The feelings that come with the knowledge that your partner always wants you are beautiful. … Read more

10 Crucial things you should know about your girlfriend

Things to discuss with your girlfriend

How well do you know your girlfriend? Does she possess the right qualities to help you become a better person? Have you ever doubted your relationship with her? Have you studied her to know her good and bad side? These are some of the crucial things you should know about your girlfriend. If you can … Read more

7 things to look out for in a desperate woman

signs of a desperate woman

Being desperate to your partner is toxic to the longevity of your relationship. Worst still, most people are not aware of the fact that they are desperate. Nothing makes a lady lose her value at the early stage of a relationship than desperation. Being desperate is one aspect of it, then showing it to your … Read more

7 obvious signs she doesn’t care about you anymore

signs she doesn't care about you

Have you noticed her sudden change of attitude, that makes you want to read your old chats, to figure out why the situation is entirely different now? Do you feel she is no longer into you? You try all you can to make her feel happy, but she doesn’t reciprocate your care and love as … Read more

Top 10 qualities of a good wife

qualities of a good wife

The best concept to use for marriage is teamwork. Both parties are required to put in their efforts for things to go smoothly. Just as a woman, pray for a good husband, the same way guys pray for a good wife. No doubt, marriage does transform the life of a woman; A one-time pampered carefree … Read more

10 Signs she is a controlling woman

Signs she is a controlling woman

When two people come together for a relationship, there are certain character traits that each of them poses. Some ladies preferred to be in control, and this could lead to so many conflicts in the relationship. Men tend to suffer more in such a relationship because they wave the warning signs she is a controlling … Read more

5 Signs she wants you back but won’t admit it

signs she wants you back

Being in a relationship with someone you genuinely love involves some level of commitment. I mean giving part of yourself to the person. The intimacy, the body language, the heart to heart discussion, and so on. This makes it difficult to break up with him and move on so fast. Sometimes she realizes calling the … Read more